PH No : 570 - 839 - 6004
Mt Pocono Transportation gave me the opportunity to Lease Purchase a tractor and trailer.They required no money down and today I am an owner operator!I paid off the equipment in just 2 years!
Mike LeFurge Owner Operator
MT Pocono Transportation, Inc. gave me the opportunity to Lease Purchase tractors with no money down and no credit checks! Over time I have come to own my own fleet of 3 tractors so far! The process was seamless! I am very happy with my decision to purchase these tractors. I will continue to purchase as the opportunity becomes available to me.
Mr. Carlos Pena
Mt Pocono Transportation, Inc have been servicing our account for fifteen years.
They provide dedicated trucks to our Mt Pocono, PA facility and provide excellent service. Their rates are extremely competitive and their sense of urgency on every shipment has been commendable.
Steve Bunker
United Envelope – Mt Pocono, PA
We have utilized Mt Pocono Transportation, Inc since 2004. Mt Pocono Transportation, Inc have excellent service and very knowledgeable staff. Their drivers are courteous and professional. They communicate with our office on every leg of every shipment. We would recommend these companies to anyone who cares about their product being taken care of and delivered on time!
Angies Warehousing ~ (signed) St. Louis, MO.
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Mount Pocono Transportation, Inc
PH No : 570 - 839 - 6004
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